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Current Version: v20


Current Version: v15.5


eStock is our new online portfolio management system which is built on our flagship StockMaster engine. It allows you to manage your investments online and track their performance anywhere using your mobile, tablets or any device with internet browsers.

"On the first of July I used Stockmaster to produce my end of year trading results for my accountant. A process that normally took a day of my time (at least) was completed in 30 minutes. The reporting capabilities of Stockmaster are awesome and detailed. I saved more than the cost of the program and run time for 6 months in lower accounting fees alone. I recommend Stockmaster to the serious investor who requires instant portfolio analyisis." – Robert Goff, Private Investor, AIMM, MPRIA, Australian Broadcasting Corp.

POSH is slick, easy-to-use and could prove a valuable tool for those investors who like to take a hands-on approach to managing their property investments.–Penelope Morris, Your Mortgage Magazine

I am just pleased to know that you guys are very accessible and supportive, technical wise, even if it is outside of Stockmaster. Thanks heaps, Eric & Jackson. –Melba, Perth

POSH has a simple user-friendly interface that walks you through each step of judging whether any individual property is likely to be a valuable addition to your portfolio...."–Karin Derkley, Personal Investment Magazine