Australia Leading Portfolio Management Software

StockMaster was first developed in 1996 and since then it evolved into the Australia's leading and best selling portfolio management software.

It was designed specifically for investors who want to manage their investments and generate tax reports with ease.

With its unique trade record system, you can easily record and report trade activities and dividends in a portfolio. Combined with its online charting and query system, you can simply plot and perform ad-hoc query on shares on the fly.

StockMaster is more than just a portfolio management software, it includes the cash book and property management which allows you to track your daily cash transactions and income and expenses for your investment properties to make a complete investment management package.

Portfolio Management

  • Local or Foreign Shares
  • Managed Funds
  • Fixed Interests
  • Property
  • Other Investments
  • Cash/Trading Accounts
  • Asset Allocation

Professional Reports

  • Annual Tax Statement
  • CGT
  • Performance
  • Income
  • Cashflow Projection

Complete Tracking

Real time tracking your local and foreign shares, managed funds, warrants, options, CFD, fixed interests..etc.

Professional Reports

Over 50 professional reports (eg. Capital Gain/Loss, Annual Tax, Transaction, Brokerage, Holdings, Cashflow, performance and income reports...)

Portfolio History

Back track your portfolio holding to see what was your holding as at any particular date.

Improve Analysis

Project your dividend income cashflow and imputation credit in next 12 months, top 5 holdings and asset allocation in your portfolios

Performance Monitoring

Monitor the preformance and movement of your portfolio over a financial year or any specific period.


Automatic brokerage calculation, stock trigger alerts, select the discount or imputation methods to lower your capital gains tax.

Trading Practice

Set up target exit and cut loss price. Record portfolio strategy and investment decision

Secured Database

One single secured database file is used and stored in your own computer rather than online service. Though you can store your database in any cloud drive or USB memory stick. You are in control!

Easy Data Update

One click update your portfolio with latest stock price. Import your existing transactions from our Excel templates or online brokers.

Current Version

2022 v26.1.1




$0 Free Edition

$275 Beginner Edition

$550 Investor Edition

$880 Professional Edition

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This software is targeted for:

  • DIY shares investors
  • DIY shares traders
  • SMSF self managed superfund administrators
  • portfolio managers
  • derivative traders
  • accountants
  • financial planners

  • System Requirements:

  • Windows 8 / 10 / 11
  • i3 core processor
  • 512MB RAM
  • 50MB hard disk space
  • This software can also be run on Apple computer via dual boot or window emulation software such as VMWare or Parrallel.