POSH Australia Property Analysis and Management System

POSH is a property analysis and management software that was developed to empower investors and homeowners to analyze and manage their property investments.

It comprises two major components that work seamlessly to offer a comprehensive property management solution.

The first component is a powerful analysis tool that enables users to analyse properties just like shares, comparing their gross or net yields, dollars per sqm, before and after-tax cash flow, capital growth, internal rate of return, and PE ratios. Users can also run various 'what if' analyses on the cash flow before purchase to see the impact on their return. With POSH, users can rate their properties according to their own criteria to get a scoring on each property. It also includes over 10 professional calculators and reports to help calculate mortgage repayment based on different scenarios.

The second component is a comprehensive management tool that enables users to manage properties in all areas, including tenants, lease, mortgage, depreciation schedule, income and expenses, events log, among others. Users can track the payment history of tenants or print out rent receipts. POSH also comes with an inbuilt budgeting function, enabling users to create a detailed budget and compare it with actual spending.

These two powerful components are fully integrated into a single system so that the analysis can be based on the up-to-date information of existing properties. POSH also features extensive professional reporting tools. Whether users are planning to purchase properties or already own properties, POSH provides them with helpful tools to enhance their property investment experience on a global scale.

At a Glance

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Major Functions

  • Property Portfolio Management
  • Account Management
  • Loan Amortisation Analysis
  • Profit and Loss Statements
  • Mortgage, Wealth and Tax calculators

Property Analysis

Analyse properties by comparing their yields, $/sqm, cashflow...

Professional Reports

Over 20 professional reports (eg. Cashflow, income and expenses, depreciation schedule...)

Loan Calculators

Anaylyse your loan with over 10 investment, tax and loan calculators.

Property Rating

Rate properties according to your own criteria such as location and transport...

Amortisation Schedule

Simulate cashflow according to your loan payment, interest rate and print out the amortisation schedule.

Rental Management

Track all rental income and expenses, events, travel logs, tenancy and lease. Generate rent notice and rent statement.


Acurrency conversion for your property portfolio.

Unlimited Records

Unlimited number of property, cash and trading accounts can be set up in a secured database that is stored in your own computer.

Budget Comparison

Complete budget tracking with your actual spending and compare it with the previous year budget.

Current Version





$220 Investor Edition*

$330 Professional Edition*

Special premier package

*per user license • year

NB: This is a subscription based model. Our last non-subscription model was v18 (built on 13/06/2018 which you can still purchase if you do not wish to pay for the maintenance plan. However, no further support and upgrade will be provided for v18.

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This software is targeted for:

  • property investors
  • property owners
  • mortgage brokers
  • loan consultants
  • real estate property managers
  • accountants
  • financial planners

  • System Requirements:

  • Windows 7 / 8 / 10
  • i3 core processor
  • 512MB RAM
  • 50MB hard disk space
  • This software can also be run on Apple computer via dual boot or window emulation software such as VMWare or Parrallel.